Electronic payment service contract in Iraqi law

  • Mohammed Majeed Kareem


   E-payment is one of the most important aspects of interference the modern means in communication business. The scientific and technological development has casted its shadow on commercial activities in general and banking in particular. Electronic payment service is an agreement between two sides. One of them offers electronic payment services such as the diverse bank cards, electronic instruments, and electronic transferring banking to the second party for a fee. Because of the recent emerged electronic payment methods in Iraq, and the Iraqi legislator has regulated some of its stipulations. This research focuses on study of electronic payment service contract, its concept, its nature, the fact of the relationships arising with it and the inwardness of the both sides' obligations. In addition, it is to clarify the most important terms such as the obligations of both sides and the penalty consequent on infraction a term of the contract by one of them.Keywords: Contract - Service - Payment – Electronic.