About the Journal

Each issue of the University of Thi-Qar Journal of Law Research contains a collection of legal studies and researches in domain of law , diversified on all fields of law . these studies and researches for researchers specialized in law, holding higher scientific certificates and academics titles from Iraq and from other parts of the world.

Each issue divided on twofold, the first is devoted for studies and researches written in Arabic and the second for those ones written in other living languages in field of law (if available).

The studies and researches in each issue of the Journal permit to the reader specialized at law in particular to be up to date on the intellectual products for researchers and what they have achieved from facts, theories , ideas and comparisons in all fields of law which are of paramount benefits for the following:-

 1) legislators and legislature bodies which are in charge of issuing legislations.

 2) judiciary system  in its various types of courts and degrees.

 3) the teaching staff who are teaching law either in primary or higher studies in universities and other academic entities.

 4) legal practice persons (lawyers and legal civil servants ) and other persons in charge of applying laws.