Contem porary party systems and their role in democratie systems

  • Mohammed Taha Hussain


There difference between the types of political parties and party systems difference, the former means sections that divided the parties, the second is the sum of the emerging relations between political parties and political society and public opinion, and could be the main party systems is divided into three, a one-party system, and the system of bipartisanship and a multi-party system, and each system of these systems motives autocracy its inception as a motive or reason for historic led to its creation, or lack of dispersion multitude of the people among a number of parties over Monday, as each party system, including its divisions and patterns of its own. The political parties play an important role and even dangerous in the life of peoples and nations, as the task of educating the people, and the selection of candidates for parliament and the government, and with the importance of the role played by but it is not without advantages and disadvantages, and their advantages (for example) the preparation and graduation of men with efficiency policy and sophisticated and able to conduct the affairs of state, and its flaws it may affect public opinion adherence to rob him and freedom of expression.