The fulfilment suspension of punishment in the multitude crimenal cases (analytic study)

  • Ardalan Noor Al-Den


Suspended execution of the sentence a punitive system that would suspend the implementation of the sentence period of time called the (probation period) , if the period elapsed without return the offender to commit a new crime, considered the sentence was not, but this system that was easy to apply a solo in front of the judiciary, It is not as well as when the judge will be in front of cases of multi-criminal, the biggest problem we encountered during this research was the question about the possibility of multiple LV criminality multiplicity or pass judgment suspended in cases of multi-criminal, and affirmed that the plurality of criminal no objection to the referee to stop the execution of the sentence. However the judge power to pass a suspended or not in cases of pluralism also available all the requirements for suspended, It is also proven as a criterion in determining the sentence, which is based upon the judge to issue a ruling to stop the implementation vary according to different multi-criminal type, in the multi-Suri, as well as real pluralism interconnected world, a standard (punishment worst), while in the real multiculturalism is interconnected world, a standard punishment resulting from the collection of penalties crimes committed, the inside was the norm within the legislature scale, jazz sentencing judge to stop the execution despite cases of pluralism