The Strike in the laws of the Emropean Mnion

  • Emad AL-Naser


      The strike, the most important means of resolving collective labor disputes, Weak center worker about the strength of the employer and the need for the employee to pay as the source of his or her only In order to give social protection to the worker used the strike to restore balance to the scales of justice, after he suggested, one because of the economic weight to the employer. And because of its rights and public freedoms and the rights of workers, in particular of great importance at the national and EU have occupied the subject of the strike the importance of the Laws of Europe and were availing of judicial rulings very important contributed to determine the exercise of this right or freedom and made ​​him an important means of contributing to the solution of labor disputes in a civilized manner, or in the delivery of voice of the workers and their attitudes on the subject of the dispute on the lower estimate.