The responsibility of the doctor in the crime of disclosing the medical secret ( Comparative study )


  • Safaa Adel Sami Shatt Al-Arab University College/Department of Law


One of the sensitive issues that attracts the attention of the man of law and medicine in the Arabic and foreign world during the last and preset  years ,is saving the medical secret . this was and still as one of the ever interest subject in many of international conferences and forums and even in most national ones during the last years .this subject goals at keeping the medical secrets of the patieut because the tipoff such secrets will breach and harm the honest, dignity and fame of the patieut. This paper goals at evoking the patients, right to rise a case in order to get a compensation. Thus ,this criminalization of such tipoff of the medical secret is capable of ending any negative medical practices . In addition because of the difficulty in compensating the harmed patient materially, the approximate authority is left to the judge in giving a proper decision this topic is regarded as one of the most important issues due to the practical and legal problems that may a ccompain .Lt is also regarded as an important and basic insurance for a human being since it is closely linked with the occupation of dignity and honest.