The legal basis for the administrations authority to protect cultural and natural heritage in Iraq

  • Wisam Razaq Falih Faculty of Law, Thi-Qar University


        Heritage is one of the most important elements of the civilization of peoples and their culture and treats its past and takes pride in its civilization and its former glory, so what is expressed by civilization from its heritage and history is a set of stories and traditions, because this represents the accumulation of a set of experiences and experiences that constitute a legacy of society extending through its predecessors to the present time. And that caring for the cultural heritage through organizing the necessary legal protection leads to preserving a part of replace if it is lost or damaged. And underestimating the importance of providing legal protection for cultural and natural heritage, As a result of the violations that occur on the monuments and heritage, especially during this critical period and the disturbing security conditions that our country is witnessing in Iraq, which led to the expansion of abuses and theft and destruction of much of its cultural and natural heritage, especially in recent times. In order to stop these violations and reduce them, special legal rules must be established that constitute a basis for the administrative protection of heritage whether it is part of international law or domestic law, In order for the legal protection of heritage to be more comprehensive and comprehensive, it was organized at the international and national levels, and in a joint cooperation. To find out, we will discuss this research by dividing it into two topics, In the first topic, we discuss the international legal basis for the administrations authority to protect cultural and natural heritage. As for the second topic, we will discuss the national legal basis for the authority of the administration to protect cultural and natural heritage.