Control over the economic termination of the employment contract ( An analytical study )

  • Hussein Najaf Bakhor Faculty of Law, Thi-Qar University
  • Dr. Emad Hessen Salman Faculty of Law, Thi-Qar University


The idea of ​​the research is summed up on the keenness of labor legislation on the continuation of projects in their work, and not contributing to their dumping and deterioration, or closing them as a result completely, and in an attempt to save them or contribute to that, so labor legislation - including our Iraqi legislation - gave special attention to the economic termination of the work contract, so it took him With controls that are required for the termination to be legitimate, and a bilateral oversight was established on the availability of those controls, and for that control created a mechanism represented in appealing the termination decision. The appeal arranged a set of results in an effort that indicates a wise balance between conflicting interests