Allow the right if the ruling power continues (A comparative study)

  • Asaad Kazem and Wahish University of Dhi Qar College of Law


Human rights have been raised since the creation of human God is the goal and goal of all organizations of religious origin or positivism, and resisting the tyranny of the ruling power is nothing more than one of these rights that belong to individuals in order to preserve their rights and freedoms, because the ruling authority and fell Or to claim that they abide by the rules of the Constitution and the law will seek to impose its authority after a while, and will seek to impose the will that you see from the angle of the absolute right and the violator is out of the law and a rebellion, even if it was right. For this reason, the Liberals had one way of resisting the tyranny of arrogant power. The silence of the people on their natural rights in the political, social and economic fields caused more repression of the ruling power and increased tendency to tyranny and arbitrariness.