The legal status of the liquidator In the joint-stock company

  • Mohammed Majeed Kareem Sumer University / College of Law


There is no doubt that the joint stock company are of paramount importance because of its economic ability to enable them to advancement of large projects, which made it a central pillar in the investment sector, helping to build the country's economy, however, that the company as a legal person of our character does not enjoy eternity their roles pass it lead to elapse, in which case they are subject to liquidation, and perhaps the most prominent role in the liquidation phase of a liquidator where he is the last task of ending the company through the collection of the company's assets and carry out policies meet its obligations remaining and the distribution of funds to shareholders, the liquidator is appointing him originally Authority which all shareholders or the Registrar of companies where liquidation, the liquidator acts as an agent for the company and proceed to the effects of his company and in the case of negligence or failing to perform his duties, it fulfilled his responsibility as a result.