Surveillance as a method of forensic investigation ( Comparative study)

  • M. Dr.. Haider Kazem Al-Taie


 This research focuses on the nature of inspection, the extent of its legitimacy, objectives and types. It is also to show the most up-to-date ways of inspection to be distinguished. The aim of this study is to stress the fact that a successful inspection is that which is based on a solid legal foundation in the Law of the Bases of the Iraqi Legal Penalties, No. 23, issued in 1971, and in the special laws . The importance of this study lies in the fact that inspection which is based on a scientific and advanced technological basis can cope with the updates of the phenomenon of criminality. The study comes up with a number of conclusions, the most important of which is the necessity of including inspection in the Law of service and pension for internal forces No. 18, 2011. The legislator should also work on organizing and promoting the service of those who are concerned with inspection. It is also necessary to focus on the use of modern ways and means of inspecting the system's of security to prevent crimes or reducing . In the light of such conclusions a number of purposeful recommendations have been formulated.